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1. Hey Lacust !! I only take good food you know ?!
Without care or worries , our products made from 100% Real Ingredients , fried garlic and onion ( we peel every morning to ensure its freshness ) , chili flakes and powder ( SEEDLESS ) , sesame seeds , garlic powder , onion powder , palm oil and sesame oil.

2. I am Vegan , so how huh ?! 
YES you can have it if you love 'GARLIC' , Original & SuperHot Flavors are seafood/animal oil FREE.

3. What about storage , need freezer or not ?
No , just store at room temperature . Unopened : 12 months / Opened : 3 months .DO NOT store in fridge or freezer  , store in cool dry place.

4. Ok give me 1 bottle , oh wait .. can last 12 months sure alot chemicals lah !
Without doubt , we HATE preservatives and artificial stuffs.

5. hmmm.... Halal ?
Yes certified by JAKIM MALAYSIA.

6. Your kitchen clean or not ? 
Our factory is MESTI certified ,  by Ministry of health Malaysia.

7. Okok give me 1 carton , got discount or not !?
No problem ^^ we have special discount for special you ^^ 


1. Noway !! Have to pay for shipping ??
We do provide FREE SHIPPING for Peninsular Malaysia with RM60 (4 bottles) purchase .
-Peninsular RM10 below 4 bottles.
-East Malaysia RM15 for first 2 bottles , every additional 2 bottles add RM12.

2. What about if damage during shipment ?! I will go crazy !
ON us , just send us a photo of it and we will resend for you , for details please refer to REFUND POLICY.

3. But I don't like to wait !
Our shipping partner takes only 1-3 working days for Klang valley areas , 2-5 working days out of Klang Valley areas.

4. How to get tracking number ??
System will automatically email to you once our stuff processed your order.

5. Macam ok , i will place an order , thanks.
Thank you very much ^^For more promotions please follow us on