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Bought Lacust at A exhibition, it is totally taste amazing, love it. Yum 😋

lacust-review 6.jpg

Chili sause yang sangat sedap. Penghantaran yang sangat cepat. 

lacust-review 26.jpg

Absolutely addictive!!! The first time I bought it was from Aeon Max Value Prime and I can’t wait to go home and try it out! To my surprise it surpasses my expectation and it taste so good no matter you just ate it like that or with rice, bread...etc. I’m definitely recommending it to all my family members and friends! Keep it up team Lacust! 👍🏻 👍🏻

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Lacust returning customer as the chili is really good. 

lacust-review 8.jpg

Very good chili sauce in Malaysia! 

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Strongly recommend this product!
Good service and fast delivery.
When I received the parcel, two bottles was broken.
Inform the staff and immediately take action!
Will come to buy again. 

lacust-review 5.jpg

Try at expo Mitec, never buy any sauce before , tis is first time buy it. nice, like it 


Absolutely worth to try 

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Love it sosososososososso much !!!! come sutera mall now !!! 

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Good taste and a must try condiments

lacust-review 7.jpg

Taste is very good.. Yummy.. I’m like it. 

lacust-review 9.jpg

Super good bought in skudai food fair 

lacust-review 10.jpg

Taste good, best chili ever 👏👏 

lacust-review 12.jpg

Its really yummy! Can i know where to repurchase? 

lacust-review 15.jpg

Great taste! Keep it up! 

lacust-review 17.jpg

This is superb !!strongly recommended

lacust-review 18.jpg

I like the taste.and the staff are very good service

review 19.jpg

A very tasty product. BTW, where can I get it? Want to refill again

lacust-review 23.jpg

Warning!!! Once you try these sauce definitely will hook up with it  

lacust-review 24.jpg

Best chili sauce I ever try and unforgettable...Thanks for the staff of La Cust for delivery to my house area.Great service.

lacust-review 22.jpg

Bought it at tebrau foodexpo .. love it so much!!!!! Super addictive !!! 

relacust-view 20.jpg

Omg it's so nice !!!!!! Bought in Setia alam food expo !!!! 

lacust-review 16.jpg

Delicious chili's mate  !! i love it 

lacust-review 13.jpg

Super delicious , SUPER Fragrant!!! THE BEST OF THE BEST. Love it


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